Aren Style Gold was established in 1988 by Vortik Uzungor,who was trained by Master Hovsep Catak and started doing handcraft works in 1979,and became a successful establishment in jewelry sector with its large and integrated sales network at home and abroad after becoming complately professional on pearl jewelry designs in 1995.
Aren Style gained recognation with its unique desings and exports to many countries, and endeavored to create and manufacture the best in its branch with the slogan “ Honesty and customer satisfaction first”.İt worked its way to maintain the quality standard by reflacting “nobility of the pearl coming from the depths of history”on each jewelry in the best correct way,in each stages from design to manufacturing.Behind the interest and appreciation shown towards the ornaments and jewelries of Aren Style ,there lies the respact shown towords pearl and occupational and humanity love and artistic aesthetic of Master Vortik who was trained by his own Masters.
Aren Style Gold manufactures diamond and jewelries that have a perfact integrity with modern jewelries and pearl, as well as selling them through its own trademark Arax Pearl and Diamond ,which exhibits specially –designed collection to dear customers via online selling as well as in its store in Grand Bazaar. After 35 years of apprenticeship and mastering in jewelry sector, Aren Style gold ,which is developing by doing mass manufacturing and exporting ,has aimed to reach end customers via its trademark Arax Pearl and Jewelry and to develop by enlarging its goals as well as providing the most aesthetic and quality products at the lowest prices.İt has always improved and continues to do so , now.
Himaye-i Etfal Sok. Yıldırım Han No:11/302 Cağaloğlu/İST